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Budgies (aka parakeets)!

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Name:Budgies (aka parakeets)!
Location:United States of America
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Community description:A place for all budgie/parakeet enthusiasts!
Budgerigars / Parakeets
A budgerigar is small gregarious hookbill (melopsittacus undulatus) native to Australia. In the wild these birds are usually dark green in body with a yellow face and head. Popular as a pet bird, they have been bred to bring out a variety of different colors. While green remains the classic coloring of the budgerigar species, they can be found in blue, white, lavender, yellow, as well as any mixture of these tones.
Our little community exists as a place for you to post stories and pictures about your budgies! All large images and videos should be placed beneath cuts. Directions for creating cut tags can be found under Dreamwidth's site FAQ. It is requested of all members to be polite in requesting a post to be cut due to images or length. Our community is members-only to protect posts from receiving spam replies, however membership is open so anyone may join and post!
Disclaimer: while some community members have owned budgies for many years and may provide a wealth of knowledge regarding their care and health, there is no substitute for the opinion of a qualified avian vet. If your bird is presenting signs of illness please contact your nearest bird specialist right away!
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